FRID - Power cleaner

FRID which in Swedish means peace and tranquility is our brand new power cleaner that removes noise on the mains in order to provide good and clean power to the system.

This power cleaner is designed to draw noise from the power line and eliminating it without interfering in the amount of power available to the system.

In comparison to many other power filters, this product is designed to not interfere with the amount of power available to the equipment. This means that the amount of power available will never be limited, not even to the most powerful power amplifiers. This is accomplished by not having the power flow through Frid. It is only active when there is noise that needs to be removed and it only affects the noise and not the power itself. The noise is then removed with a complex filter design resulting in a darker and wider soundstage with more details and clarity.

The gold-plated connectors are of very high quality to ensure a good and stable connection and the aluminum body is milled out of two solid pieces of non-magnetic high grade aluminum.

If one Frid is used it should be placed as close as possible to the rest of the system (preferably in the same power distributor). If multiple Frid are used they can also be placed near a known noise source (refrigerator etc.).




Gold plated connectors

Different power plugs available